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Used Trucks Northeast Philadelphia

We would all love to get a new truck; however, new trucks, depending on their configurations, are very expensive. If new trucks are beyond your budget, you should try the used trucks in Northeast Philadelphia at Burlington Kia. Our used trucks are much more affordable than their new truck counterparts are, so you would not strain much to afford them. Our trucks are also durable and reliable; you can count on them to handle your fleet operations competently without breaking down every few miles.

Do Not Dismiss a Used Truck because of Age Or Mileage

Trucks are not like cars. Cars are weaker because they feature unibody constructions. Typically, cars are expected to start fading once they hit the 100,000-mile mark. Trucks, on the other hand, are just getting warmed up when they get to that point. The strong body-on-frame constructions of trucks contribute greatly to their above-average durability. If well maintained, a truck may only start showing signs of deterioration way after the 200,000-mile mark. Therefore, choosing to buy a used truck is not settling for less capability or performance. On the contrary, if you maintain your truck well, you may find it at par with new trucks in terms of capability.

Higher Resale Value

Another benefit that you would get with our used trucks is that you get higher resale values for them than if you had chosen new trucks. New trucks depreciate considerably right from when they are driven off the dealer’s lot. They experience a big dip in depreciation within the first year ownership - they can depreciate by as much as 25% in the 1st year. Rate of depreciation reduces considerably after that. Therefore, with a used truck, you would recoup more of your initial investment if you chose to sell that used truck some years down the line.

Trucks Of High Quality

In addition, all the used trucks in Northeast Philadelphia are in great shape. Our team of ASE-certified auto technicians has done its due diligence where these trucks are concerned. Our team of technicians has performed exhaustive repairs on these trucks; our technicians have addressed all the components of these trucks that needed attention. They have even done part replacements. Therefore, these trucks will not be breaking down any time soon. In addition, we at Burlington Kia also have certified pre-owned trucks that offer an even higher level of overall quality. Certified pre-owned trucks are late model trucks that have been refurbished by their manufacturers. These trucks come with extended warranties and other additional benefits. Therefore, if quality that you are after, rest assured that you would get it at Burlington Kia.

Trucks of Different Types

You can get used trucks of many different configurations at Burlington Kia. For example; you can get compact pickup trucks that are ideal for domestic use around the house or farm; you can also get 1-ton full-size heavy-duty trucks that are ideal for heavy commercial use in large companies and factories. In addition, our trucks are available in Regular Cab, Extended Cab, and Crew Cab options. You can also get pickup trucks that come with cargo beds and larger chassis cab trucks that feature rear flat beds that can be upfitted with custom-made truck bodies. Therefore, you would be sure to get a truck that would be just right for your business. Browse through our online inventory to see our current offerings.

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