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Used Trucks Moorestown

In New Jersey, Burlington Kia is a favored dealership to sell used trucks in Moorestown because their customers are fully satisfied with the used vehicles that they purchase from this location. What makes this dealership such a good used vehicle dealerships is the way they restore their vehicles. Take their used truck trucks as an example. Burlington Kia offers used trucks such as the Silverado, F-150, and Toyota Tundra to name a few. These used trucks undergo a multi-point inspection process that is approved by Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota. This multi-point inspection process varies in detail and guidelines depending on the original manufacturer; yet they work completely well at restoring the used trucks to an almost brand new state. Let us take an in-depth look at how this inspection process is conducted at Burlington Kia.

Exterior Conditioning

One of the testing and maintenance process conducted by Burlington Kia in restoring a used truck is the exterior conditioning. In this process, the expert mechanics of this dealership inspects every inch of the truck’s exterior and make sure that the vehicle is free of any exterior damage such as dents and cracks.

Engine Conditioning

The next testing process occurs in the truck’s engine. This includes replacement of all oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, steering fluid, and clutch fluid. It also includes testing of the vehicle’s transmission, valves, and wiring.

Steering System

In testing their used truck’s steering system, Burlington Kia mechanics make sure that the vehicle tracks properly and drives straight on a level surface. This entails straightening the trucks wheel alignment so that vehicle does not sway left or right when the steering wheel is left alone while on a road test.

Transmission Condition

The transmission is such an integral part of any trucks operation. Most trucks have a V6 or V8 engine that utilizes a 6-speed or 8-speed manual transmission that features variable valve timing. When these transmissions operate poorly, a truck will cease to function properly.


Being as it may that trucks are larger and heavy duty automobiles, they must have proper brake systems otherwise they may skid and slide on the road. This can lead to disastrous accidents on the road, which is why Burlington Kia mechanics replace all brake pads and brake fluids immediately in the testing process.

Underbody Conditioning

When buying a used truck, many people seem to forget checking the vehicle’s underbody. Truck SUVs have off-road capabilities which allow them to be used on extreme terrains. Oftentimes when they are used on off-road excursions, their underbodies sustain a lot of damage. The restoration process of Burlington Kia ensures that all minor and major damages in their trucks’ underbodies are completely fixed before approved for selling.

Mechanical and Electronic Systems

With most used trucks, they contain some very advanced technology features in their interior and exterior. The testing process in Burlington Kia includes a detailed inspection and maintenance of all audio/navigation systems, alarm systems, remote entry systems, backup cameras, and sensors to name a few. These features improve user experience substantially, which is why Burlington Kia mechanics pay the closest attention to all mechanical and electrical components inside each of their used trucks.

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