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Used SUVs Moorestown

When choosing to buy a used SUV for 2016, you may want to consider going the certified pre-owned used vehicle route. The reason for this is because certified pre-owned vehicles are the most legitimate used vehicles to own as they are approved by their original manufacturers. Buying a CPO SUV is much like buying a brand new vehicle except you get a higher trim configuration and rock bottom prices. In the state of New Jersey, there are a few certified pre-owned dealerships where you can buy a good used vehicle yet very few can be compared to Burlington Kia pre-owned certified dealership. Here are facts that prove why.

Fact 1 – Burlington Kia conducts multi-point inspections on all their SUVs.

Before approving a used SUV to be sold in their lot and showroom, Burlington Kia puts all their used vehicles through a multi-point inspection. Depending on the guidelines set by the car’s original manufacturers, a multi-inspection can range from a 150 point, 160 point, and a 190 point inspection. These inspections act as a thorough and complete inch-by-inch inspection and maintenance process of all used SUVs. Among the many points of inspection in the multi-point inspection process are:

  • Exterior Condition Appearance
  • Engine Compartment
  • Steering System
  • Transmission System
  • Braking System
  • Frame Structure Appearance
  • Underbody Appearance
  • Interior Condition Appearance
  • Audio and Alarm Systems
  • Instrument Panel Systems
  • Electronics Systems
  • Tires and Suspension Systems

Fact 2 – Burlington Kia offers manufacturer provided warranties with their used SUVs.

Since Burlington Kia is a certified pre-owned used vehicle dealership that sells used SUVs in Moorestown, they are recognized by most of the top vehicle manufacturers as a vendor of their respective certified pre-owned programs. This means that the top manufacturers like Kia, Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet allow Burlington Kia to sell their used vehicles such as a Sorento, Explorer, Suburban, and a 4runner respectively. As a reward for being certified in their programs, they have included original warranties with their used SUVs. One of the best benefits about these original warranties is users can have their vehicles serviced in any state or town that has a Kia or Ford factory. With normal used car dealership warranties, users can only have their vehicles serviced in that specific location. They cannot have it serviced elsewhere, which leads them to a disadvantage when their vehicles suffer damage in another town or state.

Fact 3 – Burlington Kia Moorestown only sells SUVs that have travelled with the least amount of mileage.

One advantage that Burlington Kia customers are very proud of is their newly purchased used SUVs have only travelled a minimal amount of miles in its history. This highly reputable dealership spends a lot of valuable resources into restoring good used SUVs. This means that they only accept to sell used vehicles that have travelled 50,000 miles or less. With less mileage, an SUV is most likely able to give its users optimal performance and with the multi-point inspection restoration process conducted on their vehicles, you can be sure that Burlington Kia sells only the best used SUVs in Moorestown. 

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