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Used Car Dealer Moorestown

It is a very tragic experience for anyone who has bought a used car that turned out to be a lemon. Many used car dealerships participate in a lot of devious practices to aid them in selling more used cars to trusting consumers who may not know much about cars in general. Some of these practices include mileage rollbacks, using old parts for maintenance, and even replacing original parts with cheap surplus parts. When a consumer is untrained in what a vehicle should have, this is seen as an opportunity by used car dealers to make more money by scamming these consumers into buying their defective used vehicles. The state of New Jersey is full of questionable used car dealerships, which is why if you are planning to buy a used vehicle, visit Burlington Kia; simply the best used car dealer in Moorestown.

Burlington Kia Moorestown is backed by original manufacturers

Nothing solidifies a good used dealership more than when they receive support from original manufacturers of their used vehicles. Burlington Kia has an impressive catalogue of the best brands of sedans, CUVs, SUVs, and pickup SUVs. These include Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and Kia to name a few. These top manufacturers have accepted this dealership into their prestigious certified pre-owned program. This means that each used vehicle in Burlington Kia’s showroom and lot have been approved by their original manufacturer.

Burlington Kia used vehicles have accumulated small amounts of mileage

With many used car dealerships in Moorestown, mileage rollbacks are a common practice to sell more used vehicles. Mileage rollbacks are done to decrease a vehicle’s mileage in order to increase their re-sale value. As a certified pre-owned dealership, Burlington Kia only accepts to restore vehicles that have minimal mileage accumulated. They do not participate in the devious act of rolling back their cars’ mileage.

Moorestown offers manufacturer warranties

Aside from being certified by the top vehicle manufacturers, Burlington Kia also offers manufacturer certified warranties with each of their used vehicles. A manufacturer certified warranty is basically a warranty that is supported by Kia, Ford, Chevrolet, and Cadillac among others. This means that consumers who buy their used vehicles from Moorestown can have their vehicles repaired in a Kia or Ford factory anywhere and at any time their vehicles sustain damage or need minor repair.

Moorestown offers used vehicles at extremely affordable prices

One of the pitfalls that consumers have to deal with when buying a brand new vehicle is the immediate depreciation in value of their vehicle. Once they take their brand new car out of the dealership, the vehicle automatically depreciates 25% to 30% in value after just the first year. When buying a pre-owned certified vehicle from Burlington Kia, you do not have to deal with your vehicle depreciating. The simple fact that it is a used vehicle that is 100% certified ensures that it will have good re-sale value for when you decide to place it on sale in the future.

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