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Trucks in Northeast Philadelphia

Sure, it is great to get a car or an SUV, but you would do better to get trucks in Northeast Philadelphia at Burlington Kia. This is because trucks outdo all other types of vehicles when it comes to versatility; they can be used to perform a wider variety of functions in comparison with other types of vehicles. For example, cars are limited to just being passenger carriers; SUVs and minivans do the same and add some cargo hauling capability. Trucks, on the other hand, can serve as passenger carriers, domestic cargo haulers, off-roaders, and also as commercial fleet vehicles that do heavy duty hauling and towing. Therefore, you would be able to do more with a truck. We at Burlington Kia offer the best trucks in Northeast Philadelphia; we welcome you o come to us for all your truck needs.

Many Available Configurations

In addition, the trucks at Burlington Kia are available in a variety of configurations. You can get compact, midsize, and full-size light-duty trucks at our dealership. You can also get large heavy-duty trucks that come in either single-rear-wheel or dual-rear-wheel configurations. All of the above trucks come with a variety of cargo bed sizes that range from 5 feet in length to 8 feet in length. All our trucks also come in two-door Regular cab, four-door Extended cab, and four-door Crew cab configurations. With so many options, you would be sure to get a truck configuration that perfectly suits your intended purpose. For example, you can opt for our Regular Cab trucks that come with long 8-ft cargo beds option if you want a truck that you would use primarily for regular hauling work. You can opt for a Crew Cab truck if you would want a truck that you would use to carry your family or crew and also do some serious hauling and towing.

Trucks That Can be Modified

Another advantage that our trucks in Northeast Philadelphia offer is the fact that they can be upfitted with custom-designed truck bodies that would better suit your business or intended purpose. For example, the local fire department can upfit one of our trucks with a fire engine truck body; a local school could also upfit one of our trucks with a custom-made school-bus truck body. The beauty with such upfits is that you would be able to dictate just how the upfits would be designed; therefore, upfitted trucks would be of great value to your business or institution. We at Burlington Kia can help you to get these trucks upfitted in the way you would want.

Resilient Trucks

In addition, we at Burlington Kia understand that most truck shoppers look for resilience and dependability in the trucks that they would want to buy. Our experienced team of ASE-certified auto experts has gone to great lengths to ensure that our trucks offer such reliability. It has inspected, and repaired and tested our trucks comprehensively; our team of experts has also done the necessary auto part replacements for these trucks. Therefore, we at Burlington Kia are confident that our trucks would not give you problems; they would serve you in full power and capability.

Check out our current truck listings here on our website. You can also visit us at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016 to test-drive one of our trucks.

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