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Pre-Owned Truck Dealer Moorestown

Those who choose to buy pre-owned vehicles may just be a little bit wiser than the average car buying folk as pre-owned vehicles present a lot of advantages aside from their reduced cost. Pre-owned vehicles are seemingly better alternatives to brand new vehicles especially if they are certified. With certified vehicles, restoration, repair, and maintenance are done in such an expert way that the vehicles practically become almost brand new. They also come with warranties that cover any damage or complications that arise after their purchase. If you are in the market for a truck or SUV, a lot of experts recommend going the pre-owned route as you can get the highest trim configurations of that vehicle at the lowest prices. Here are some other advantages that you may need to know, in order to find the best pre-owned truck dealer in Moorestown.

Many Pre-Owned Trucks are Certified

One of the biggest trends in the automobile industry is buying certified pre-owned vehicles. When a truck, SUV or any type of vehicle is certified, this means that their original manufacturers have approved their selling in used vehicle dealerships. The certification process is a strict process that requires all vehicles to go through comprehensive inspections and maintenance performed by only the best and most experienced mechanics.

Certified Pre-Owned Trucks must go through a Comprehensive Testing Process

In order for a pre-owned truck to receive legitimate certification from its original manufacturer, it must go through rigorous testing and inspection. Let us say that a certified used dealership plans on selling a 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat. Before the dealership can actually put the Lariat in their showroom, they have to inspect each inch of the truck. With this inspection process is a detailed checklist given by Ford that the dealership’s mechanics must use in the entire inspection process. When they see defects or damages, they must repair these using Ford’s detailed guidelines. They also must replace any part with original Ford parts to ensure that the truck is 100% Ford.

Top Trim Configurations of Certified Pre-Owned Trucks are Substantially Cheaper

Many car buyers choose certified pre-owned vehicles because they can get the highest vehicle highest trim configurations for bottom prices. When you buy the highest trim configuration for an F-150 or a Silverado, you get all the available technology features and safety features as well as all the interior and exterior upgrades available. Some features that come with the highest vehicle trim configurations are:

1. Front and Rear Cameras. These cameras transmit live video feed of the truck’s front and rear to the entertainment console inside the vehicle. The footage that users receive aids them substantially in safely parking their vehicle.

2. Lighting. Trucks of the highest trims usually have lights designed with LED, Halogen, HID, projector beam, and daytime running capabilities. These ensure that drivers are able to totally see the road when driving at night.

3. Safety. One of the best advantages of getting the highest trim configurations of truck SUVs are their comprehensive safety features that are present inside and outside the vehicle. These features include:

  • Crumple Zones
  • Multiple Airbags
  • Suspension Safety
  • Tire-Air Monitoring
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Forward Collision Warning

In New Jersey, a highly regarded pre-owned truck dealer of certified used trucks is Burlington Kia. Aside from being 100% certified, this location gives flexible payment schemes that are ideal for any consumer’s financial state.

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