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Pre-Owned Car Dealer Moorestown

When car users need to buy a vehicle, they must consider buying one that is brand new or used. Most car buyers in the market today think very practically and recognize that buying vehicle brand new may not be the best idea because of the emergence of certified pre-owned vehicles. Certified pre-owned vehicles present consumers with all the perks and benefits of a brand new car. They also are considerably cheaper, which allow individuals to get higher trim configurations for less than what they pay for a brand new car. For those who are looking to get a used vehicle, they must decide on certified pre-owned or just conventional pre-owned. Here are some of their differences.


It is generally known that certified pre-owned vehicles cost a lot more than conventional used vehicles. The price difference between these two types of used vehicles averages to about $1,000. The simple reason why certified pre-owned vehicles cost more is because the dealerships that participate in the certified pre-owned vehicle program must put their vehicles through a very rigorous and comprehensive testing process where their expert mechanics thoroughly test and repair every inch of their vehicles. This testing process is very expensive in cost, which is why the certified pre-owned vehicles become more expensive.

Number of Ownerships

The certified pre-owned vehicle program is a very strict program established by the top car manufacturers to sell their used vehicles at a certain quality. The program recommends that any used dealership participating in the program must only sell vehicles that have been owned once. Conventional used car dealerships on the other hand sell many vehicles that have been owned multiple times.


Another very strict guideline that all certified pre-owned dealerships must follow is to only sell used vehicles under a specific mileage. On average most certified pre-owned vehicle dealerships can only sell vehicles that have travelled 50,000 miles or less. With many conventional used car dealerships, they do not have a specific limit for miles travelled by their vehicles. Some other dealerships are devious enough to roll back the mileages of many of their vehicles to increase their costs and double their profits.

Repair and Maintenance

As the certified pre-owned program established by the top manufacturers are very strict and detailed, the dealerships participating in the program may only use original manufacturer parts in repairing and maintaining the vehicles. This means that for all Ford vehicles, only original Ford parts must be used. With conventional used vehicle dealerships, they have the freedom to use


One of the most important aspects of buying a used vehicle is to secure a warranty that protects the vehicle from future damage or theft. Since certified pre-owned vehicles have been approved for selling by their original manufacturers, the vehicles have manufacturer warranties. A benefit that consumers have with these warranties is they can have their vehicles serviced just about anywhere as long as the original manufacturers have a factory in that specific state or town. With conventional used vehicle dealership warranties, users may only have their vehicles serviced in that particular location.

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