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One Owner Vehicles Northeast Philadelphia

If you are shopping for a used vehicle, you should consider the type of vehicle that you want to buy. If reliability and minimal mechanical issues are at the top of your list of must-haves, then you should consider getting a one-owner vehicle. The more a vehicle exchanges hands, the more its condition deteriorates. Vehicle owners use vehicles differently; there are those that take good care of their vehicles, and there are those that do a great job banging up their vehicles. Therefore, if a vehicle has had multiple owners, it is likely to have had an owner that used it badly at some point and caused its condition to degenerate. Multiple owner vehicles may also have undocumented damages because a lot of service history and damage report paperwork is lost in the shuffling of owners. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to get a one-owner vehicle. For the best one owner vehicles in Northeast Philadelphia, come to Burlington Kia.

One Owner Vehicles in Great Condition

Our one owner vehicles are like new. They are late models, and they also feature low mileages. In addition, because they have not been used for long, they yield fewer repairs than other used vehicles. Their parts, components and features are still functioning at optimal efficiency. In addition, our one owner vehicles also come with a comprehensive CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™. This report shows the title information of the vehicle, the vehicle’s flood damage history, the vehicle’s total loss accident history, the vehicle’s Odometer readings, and the number of owners that the car has had. This report also shows the vehicle’s lemon history, the status of its accident indicators, the State emissions inspection results, and the car’s service records. Thanks to this report, you would have a full understanding of the condition of the one owner vehicle that you would want; you would then know how best to take care of that vehicle to preserve its value.

Our Safe One Owner Vehicles

Another reason why you should get our one of our one owner vehicles in Northeast Philadelphia is because you and your family would be safer in them. Because these vehicles are late models, they feature the latest safety and security systems and features on the market. Their brakes are sharp and fresh, so there is very little chance of them failing. In addition, these vehicles feature Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) that prevent uncontrolled skidding when braking, vehicle stability control systems that enhance control on slippery roads, adaptive automatic headlights that adjust forward illumination based on prevailing road conditions, and parking assist systems that automate parking. These vehicles also feature the latest driver alert systems like Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and Blind Spot Warning Systems.

Burlington Kia has the largest selection of one owner vehicles in Northeast Philadelphia. We are a licensed Kia dealership, and because of that, a good number of our one owner vehicles are Kia vehicles like the Kia Rio, Kia Sedona, Kia Optima, Kia Cadenza, Kia Soul, and many more. We also have many other one-owner vehicles of other makes and brands. Our inventory offers a comprehensive record of the current one owner vehicles that we have.

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