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One Owner Vehicles Moorestown

There are a number of risks that consumers face when buying used vehicles. One of the greatest dangers that consumers face is buying a vehicle that was pre-owned multiple times. With many car dealerships looking to make a quick buck by informing their customers that all their used vehicles have only been pre-owned once, it is increasingly difficult to make a good decision on a used vehicle. At Burlington Kia in New Jersey, this highly reputable used car location ensures their customers’ peace of mind by providing a detailed vehicular history of all their used vehicles. For those unaware about this report, a vehicular history is a requirement for all used vehicles. It details vital information such as:

Damage Reports

One of the information present in the vehicle history reports given by Burlington Kia is a damage report. This includes information such as any previous damage that the vehicle sustained from an accident. It also includes any past flooding, theft, and also any recall form the original manufacturers.

Mileage Rollbacks

Another essential part of Burlington Kia vehicle history reports document if a specific vehicle has had any mileage rollbacks. Mileage rollbacks are a cheating tool that many used car dealerships utilize in selling more used vehicles. They rewind the odometers of their used vehicles so that they are able to mislead consumers into thinking that the vehicles have been rarely used. This tool also allows these dealers to raise the cost of their used vehicles.

Multiple Ownerships

This piece of information is essential at proving why Burlington Kia only sells one owner vehicles in Moorestown. When an owner of a vehicle sells to another person, he or she reports their transactions to the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles before the title of the vehicle can be legally transferred. The vehicle history report provided by Moorestown clearly documents these transactions. Burlington Kia even goes at length to reject vehicles that have been owned multiple times.

Length of Ownership

With any car owning duration, this is a tell-tale sign of how much the vehicle has been used. As mileage rollbacks are definitely a possibility with many used vehicles, the length of ownership actually works to give used car buyers more peace of mind as the shorter the period of ownership, the less mileage and usage the vehicle has had.

Airbag Deployment

Since safety is a primary concern of most used car buyers, the vehicle history reports provided by Burlington Kia carefully documents their vehicle’s airbag and safety feature deployment. This enumerates how many times the vehicle’s safety features have been used and repaired as well as if any of the features have proven to be defective.

Warranty Report

As used vehicles are often sold before their warranties expire, the vehicle history report has detailed information about any existing or expired warranties. In the event that a used vehicle’s warranty expires, Burlington Kia Moorestown carefully test and repair their used vehicles into a state that is almost brand new. Once this is achieved, the original manufacturers of the vehicles renew the warranties so that consumers feel safe about their investment.

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