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New Kia in Bristol

You are looking for the best new Kia Bristol dealership and you can’t put your finger on which the right dealership is. It is because every dealership claims to be the best even if they are not. That’s not the case with Burlington Kia. We have been around and proudly serving Burlington and its surrounding areas for years with top of the line Kia automobiles. In addition to that, we are known among our customers for offering some of the best offers on new and used vehicles. While we have a huge variety of pre-owned vehicles, we are your best bet when you need a new Kia.

Let us tell you why you should prefer Kia vehicles to vehicles from other brands. The first reason for putting Kia over others is value against price. When you buy a product you have to compare its price with its value. High price does not always mean a good product. In the case of your vehicle, it must offer you durability, smooth ride, great exterior, comfortable interior and the latest security options. Since all brands have to meet these standards, you will find these options on almost all of their vehicles.

However, in the case of Kia, you will find a car with all these options at a very affordable price. A vehicle with nearly identical options from another brand might cost you a couple or more thousand dollars. Another reason why customers pick big brands is the variety of vehicles they have. Kia is one of the most renowned brands around the world and thus has a huge variety of vehicles available. Sedans, SUVs, crossover SUVs, hatchbacks, coupes etc. are all included in Kia lineup. When you pick us as your new Kia Bristol location, you find all of these vehicles in great conditions.

Another area where Kia has taken the lead against most other brands is warranty. Kia has understood the value of longevity, durability and customer convenience. This is why they are offering decade long warranties on their cars. This is great not only for customers but also for dealerships like us as this gives us even more confidence in what we are selling. To make sure that our customers get every possible benefit with their purchase, we have incentives, bonuses, finance programs, leases etc. available. In addition to buying and selling, we also facilitate our customers with repair, maintenance and part needs of their Kia and other vehicles.

So, if you have been searching for the right new Kia Bristol dealership, you have come to the right place.We take your queries seriously and are happy to serve you with your questions whether they are related to the vehicle you need or the one you already have. Burlington Kia is located at 4428 US-130, Burlington, and we are more than happy to welcome you at our premises if you are interested in looking at some new Kia’s and test driving them. Our sales department can be reached at 609-250-2166.

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