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Luxury Used Trucks Northeast Philadelphia

It is hard to see how luxury and trucks come together, seeing that trucks are all about hard-core hauling or towing work and luxury is all about premium comfort. However, the luxury used trucks in Northeast Philadelphia at Burlington Kia manage to deliver a mix of the luxury and truck capability that would surely impress you. We at Burlington Kia have the best luxury used trucks on the market, so if you reside in the Northeast Philadelphia area, do not hesitate to come to Burlington Kia. The luxury used trucks at Burlington Kia comprise of the range-topping trims of recognized truck brands like the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra Denali, and many more.

Premium Interiors of Our Luxury Used Trucks

The interiors of these luxury used trucks are nothing like those of their work-truck versions. The work-truck versions of these trucks feature simple vinyl-upholstered interiors with basic features because they are meant specifically for fleet work. Our luxury used trucks, on the other hand, boast interiors that compare closely to those of top-tier large luxury sedans or SUVs. They feature interiors that are upholstered with soft-touch premium leather and finished with metallic accents and wood-grain accents. These trucks also feature specially designed comfort seats that offer excellent support. Front bucket seats are also standard in these trucks. In addition, almost all of other luxury used trucks come in Crew Cab body styles that offer a lot of interior space in both rows. Rest assured that you would not feel cramped in the rear seats. In addition, the cabins of these luxury used trucks have also been built and designed with sound insulation materials in the dashboard, doors, and floor. Therefore, you would enjoy reduced noise levels in these trucks.

The Capability of Our Luxury Used Trucks

The fact that our luxury used trucks in Northeast Philadelphia offer comfortable, lavish interiors does not in any way mean that they are less capable than other trucks. On the contrary, they feature the most powerful engines of their trim ranges, and they offer some of the best hauling and towing capacities. They also feature the most advanced suspension systems of their trim ranges, so they are also excellent off-roaders; you can use them on the most challenging terrains with full confidence in their ability to pull through the sticky patches and get to where they need to go.

Accessorized Luxury Used Trucks

Some of our luxury used trucks also come equipped additional truck accessories that you would also like. For example, there are those that come with tonneau covers that would help to keep your cargo secure, and with suspension lift kits for higher ground clearance. There are also those that come with large all-terrain tires, step bars and running boards, cargo carriers and racks, and much more. Therefore, you would get additional value in accessories with some of our luxury used trucks.

You may think that these luxury used trucks in Northeast Philadelphia are way above your budget, but that is not true. These trucks are more affordable than you can imagine. You should come to Burlington Kia to see them and check their prices. In addition, we at Burlington Kia offer auto loan options for these trucks. Therefore, if you would find yourself having less than what would be required for a truck, you would only need to apply for an auto loan. Call us at 609-250-2166 for additional information.

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