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Luxury Used SUVs Moorestown

Just like any used luxury vehicle, SUVs cost substantially more than an average vehicle. The problem with getting used SUVs or any type of used vehicle is consumers never truly know if the vehicle they plan to buy is a good vehicle that will deliver fine performance continuously. Many consumers have gotten scammed into buying luxury used vehicles that ended being problematic because the dealership that they bought from was not certified. This is why experts recommend that used vehicle users only buy from certified pre-owned dealerships such as Burlington Kia.  Here is why.

Burlington Kia is manufacturer certified

At Burlington Kia, trading vehicles is a very complex process because they do not just accept any used SUV because they are part of a certified pre-owned program. A certified pre-owned program was established to protect consumers from being scammed as original manufacturers of the vehicles only allow specific dealerships that follow their rules and regulations on re-selling their used vehicles. Manufacturers like Kia, Ford, Lincoln, Lexus and the like have a prestigious name that they keep untarnished by ensuring that their used vehicles are of the highest quality. To ensure this, they regularly send their representatives to inspect their vehicles being sold at certified pre-owned dealerships. If one of their vehicles does not pass their testing, the dealership is automatically removed from their certified pre-owned program.

Luxury used SUVs from Burlington Kia undergo complete inspection

Before placing their luxury SUVs for sale in their car lot and showroom, Burlington Kia spend a lot of their resources in testing, checking, and inspecting their selected used luxury SUVs. They do not simply accept the SUVs as they check the mileage and quality of the vehicle. Once an SUV surpasses 50,000 miles or is of an older model and make, they reject the vehicle. On the other hand, once a vehicle passes their standards, they conduct other types of testing and maintenance based on the original manufacturer’s checklist. Examples of these are:

1. Renewing the vehicle’s key fob configuration

2. Interior Inspection

  • Seating Adjustments
  • Entertainment/Navigation System Inspection
  • Horn Inspection
  • Power Window Inspection
  • Seatbelt Inspection

3. Exterior inspection

  • Headlight/Taillight Inspection
  • Side Mirror Inspection
  • Trunk/Tailgate Release Inspection
  • Gas Cover inspection

4. Engine Inspection

  • Valve Inspection
  • Change Oil
  • Coolant Replacement
  • Gas Tank Re-fuelling

5. Suspension Inspection

  • Tire Change
  • Tire Balance Inspection
  • Tire Rotation Inspection

6. Road Test

Many experts recommend a certain hierarchy of buying a luxury vehicle in today’s economy. If you plan on buying a brand new vehicle, it may be better to lease that vehicle. If you are planning to buy a used vehicle, it is much better to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle because these vehicles are certified and have additional manufacturer warranty that secures your peace of mind. If you plan on buying a luxury used SUV in Moorestown, make your way to Burlington Kia. This dealership is simply two thumbs up.

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