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Kia Sportage in Northeast Philadelphia

If you think, an SUV is void of style and personality. Think again. The Kia Sportage in Northeast Philadelphia combines charisma and utility to perfection. Purchase it at Burlington Kia today!

Just because you need a vehicle for your family that offers comfort and practicality does not mean you should settle for a dowdy and boring SUV. A vehicle is not just a mode of transportation it is a style-statement. It represents your values and displays your taste and style. The Kia Sportage in Northeast Philadelphia is a powerful yet polished crossover SUV with big personality and unmatched utility.

The 2016 Sportage is one of the most visually stunning SUVs out there. The ultra-modern body and super-powerful engine give it an undeniable edge over its competition. The big wheel-and-tire combination gives it a rugged and sporty look. Available in striking colors, the lean yet muscular crossover has a bold presence. The cleverly placed contours give it an undeniably handsome exoskeleton.

Kia has made it a point to make the cabin of Sportage as simple and comfortable as possible. The seats are roomy and provide good back-support allowing a comfortable long-distance trip. Available leather trims give a sense of luxury. Plenty of legroom and headroom mean it is perfect for passengers of any size. Cargo space is not too shabby either. 54.6 cubic feet of storage space helps you take all your favorite stuff with you on your trip.

The Kia Sportage in Northeast Philadelphia prides itself for being the most powerful crossover SUV. The LX and EX models of Sportage get the 2.4-liter182-hp engines. The Sportage SX is powered by the impressive 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that takes the Sportage to incredibly high speeds with impressive power of 260-hp. The highly dependable 6-speed transmission ensures a fluid and peaceful driving experience.

This remarkable SUV is available as both a front-wheel-drive and an all-wheel-drive. The AWD version is extra tough and versatile, as it has the ability to drive comfortably on any kind of road no matter how rugged it is. The incredible traction and control of an AWD Sportage makes it a perfect choice for families living in areas with unpredictable weather conditions. Sportage’s fuel economy does not disappoint either. It comfortably gives around 26MPG on a highway.

With many amenities and modern features, the Kia Sportage in Northeast Philadelphia promises a luxury ride. Bluetooth, USB port and satellite radio are standard on all the models. An Active Eco System further improves the fuel-economy. UVO eServices, navigation, ventilated front seats and automatic climate control are added on the deluxe models. The available panoramic sunroof is a luxury that you do not often get with your average SUV.

Style and luxury are great, but safety is the top concern of a family. Sportage does not disappoint. In addition to standard safety features as front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes and stability control, the state-of-the-art technologies such as hill-start assist, downhill brake-assist and rearview camera guarantee a secured journey. Sportage is a strong yet safe vehicle that is fit for an outgoing family.

If you are planning to buy the Kia Sportage in Northeast Philadelphia, do not hesitate to visit Burlington Kia. Leverage some awesome deals and take your favorite Sportage for a test drive.

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