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KIA Niro in Delran

Crossover subcompact SUVs are gaining more and more popularity these days. Equipped with versatile features and showcasing a sporty appearance, these cars offer the best of the both worlds. Burlington KIA has just the right vehicle for you with their new release under the subcompact SUV category, comes the all-new KIA Niro in Delran for 2017. The vehicle is KIA’s first of its kind hybrid subcompact SUV that offers you lowest fuel consumption and great reduction in overall carbon emissions.


Looking at the performance of this vehicle you will find a 4-Cylinder Hybrid 1.6 GDi with a 1.56kWh lithium ion engine that generates the capacity of 104 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. The transmission of the car is highly responsive with its automatic 6-speed dual-clutch and sportmatic system.

The vehicle comes only with a standard front wheel drive feature and has great noise suppression system under normal driving conditions. The base version of the vehicle reaches around 50 miles per gallon while other advanced models under trim levels go as far as 49 mpg and 43 mpg. Its improved braking system is regenerative in nature and automatically applies based on calculated predictive collisions and impacts.

Interior and Exterior

Next to the interior of the vehicle, you’ll find an ideal surrounding inside the vehicle, which comes with a power-driving seat with lumbar support, soft leather enclosed seating, heated steering wheel and a spacious cargo area all designed to give you maximum level of comfort and productivity. The 60/40 split-folding rear seat gives you plenty of room for everyone in this 5-seater vehicle.

The exterior sports a Black Fender and Rocker Rail Cladding, Glossy Black Radiator Grille with Chrome Trim and 18” tires with sport black accents. Its smart aerodynamic design ensures minimal drag and helps improve fuel efficiency. The side vents allows air to pass for cleaner and smoother airflow around your car.


The Niro in Delran comes fully equipped with gears and functionality that makes it one of the most advanced vehicles to date. The Smart Cruise System adapts to your driving conditions to better control the vehicle automatically while the Forward Collision Warning System anticipates and responds automatically to any predictive hazards or collisions. It also has a Lane Departure Warning System that alerts you in case you drift from your lane without signaling.

The Park Assistance System along with rear view camera easily allows you to park your vehicle by using sensors that are integrated with the bumpers of the vehicle. Inside you will find many features such as smartphone wireless charging, Harman Kardon premium surround sound with Clari-Fi 8-speakers with integrated audio system, UVO eServices with 7" color touch-screen display, voice recognition system and Bluetooth wireless connectivity along with many other features.


If you plan to purchase a subcompact SUV of your own in the near future; the latest KIA Niro, given its excellent fuel economy and hybrid option with latest performance specs and luxurious interior and exterior designs, can definitely be considered as one of your recommended options.

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