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Kia K900 Cherry Hill

Facing trouble finding a reasonably priced luxury car that offers advanced technology, elegant styling, and excellent fuel-economy? Buy the Kia K900 near Cherry Hill from Burlington Kia.

Kia has long been associated as the Korean Brand that manufactures inexpensive and small economy cars that launched two decades ago. However, this perception of the brand is changing slowly and more people are beginning to realize that the brand is in fact providing more quality, better technology, and elegant styled cars than ever before. A prime example of Kia’s growth and innovation can be seen with the 2016 Kia K900 model, which is a new entry in the tough 'luxury' segment.

The vehicle gets the eagle eye from most people, considering it is highly unlikely to match the level of durability, reliability, and performance of British and German manufacturers. However, the car in reality manages to do a whole lot better than most luxury vehicles in the marketplace. Buyers moving up from lower segments and luxury owners are guaranteed to find great value with the vehicle, as it offers an amazing of interior and lavish features that boost overall comfort and luxury.

Each detail of the Kia K900 near Cherry Hill seems to be thoughtfully created and this can be seen both: on the inside and exterior of the vehicle. The airy and bright cabin is easy to exit and enter, featuring a full-length tinted glass sunroof that is standard for most V8 models. The cabin also manages to be incredibly spacious, quiet, and comfortable to travel in, as it many of the design elements and features are made up of good build quality.

Up front, the front and drive passenger accommodations prove to be exceptional for the reasonable price the car is selling for. The only problem to be found was with the front-seat passenger seating, which could not accommodate a tall person as the glove-box lid hit his knees when opened. Regardless of this one problem, the Kia K900 near Cherry Hill proves to be exceptional. Featuring a 16-way adjustment on the higher-end models and 12-way power adjustment on standard, drivers feel at ultimate ease.

These power adjustment features offer comfortable positions for two quite differently shaped adults and prove to be one of the best found in luxury vehicles. In the rear of the vehicle, there is a great deal of space available. Kia has also made sure to perform its due diligence in offering comfortable upholstery for those sitting in the back. The V8 luxury trim model even comes equipped with adjustable winged headrests, reclining seats, adjustable heated individual seats, and rear-seat climate control.

To make life easier for drivers, the dashboard is designed ergonomically and efficiently. Kia delivers a good style with crisp and clear graphics on the center console. The Nappa leather seats feel luxurious and high-quality wood materials are used on parts of the steering wheel rim and the console. Huge credit must also be given o the large rotating knobs for touchscreen/pointer-control, steering wheel controls, and audio volume controls.

In terms of performance, the vehicle comes equipped with two engines: 3.8 Liter and 5.0-Liter variants. If you are looking to experience maximum horsepower and torque, you can go for the V8 variant that delivers 420 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque. On the other hand, if you want a car that delivers more fuel-efficiency, go for the 3.8-Liter V-6 Model that generates 311 horsepower.

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