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Cheap Used Trucks Willingboro

Trucks are known to cost more than most other types of vehicles. However, despite this fact, you can still get cheap used trucks in Willingboro at Burlington Kia. We at Burlington Kia have several reputable sources that offer us good quality trucks at very competitive prices. In addition, we at Burlington Kia have also purposed to offer our trucks at prices that our customers would find quite reasonable. You can see the competitive prices of our trucks here in our online inventory.

Our Durable And Dependable Cheap Used Trucks

Trucks are not built like cars. They feature thick steel bodies that are built upon full-length steel frames. These body-on-frame constructions are incredibly strong, and they can last much longer than the unibody constructions of cars or crossover vehicles. In addition, trucks also come equipped with potent engines that are also built to last for many years. Therefore, the fact that our trucks are used does not in any way mean that their performance and capability is poorer. Our cheap used trucks can really give their new counterparts a run for their money. In addition, you should also know that our trucks have been well maintained by their prior owners. We at Burlington Kia source trucks from reputable sources that we know to maintain their trucks well. These sources even provide service history reports for their trucks. In addition, we at Burlington Kia also go a step further to service these trucks when we get them. We assign our ASE-certified auto technicians to each one of them to repair and restore to the best possible condition. Therefore, at Burlington Kia, you are assured of trucks that will last for many years.

Our Off-road-ready Cheap Used Trucks

A good number of our trucks are 4WD trucks. Our 4WD trucks boast higher ground clearances and larger wheels than most 2WD trucks, and they also feature heavier chassis. Some of them even feature heavy-duty off-road suspension systems. Thanks to these features, these trucks perform better on off-road trails than regular trucks. They are especially useful when you need to haul or tow large/heavy loads on off-road terrain. Their 4WD systems deliver the traction required to pull loads over slippery road surfaces. Even when things get really sticky, their rear locking differentials can be activated to lock maximum torque to the rear wheels; this would get them out of almost any low-traction situation. Therefore, these trucks can go virtually anywhere.    

A Wide Selection of Cheap Used Trucks

In addition, we at Burlington Kia also have many cheap used trucks on offer. You can get midsize pickup trucks like the Nissan Frontier that can tow well over 5,000 pounds and haul up to 1,500 pounds. The Nissan Frontier is also an excellent option because it offers a roomy, quiet and comfortably interior, a smooth ride, and plenty of power. You can also get full-size pickup trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 at our dealership. The Silverado 1500 is famous for its tough-as-nails roll-formed steel cargo bed floor that does not dent easily; you can load all manner of sharp, heavy items on it and it will hold strong. You can also get heavy duty, commercial trucks like the Dodge Ram 3500 that can achieve payload capacities of over 6,000 pounds.

You can schedule a test drive in any of our trucks here on our website. You can also visit us at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016.

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