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Cheap Used Trucks Northeast Philadelphia

You do not have to spend a fortune buying a truck. We at Burlington Kia are offering cheap used trucks in Northeast Philadelphia that would be sure to fit your budget. Our used trucks are just as capable as new trucks; they can haul and tow just as much, so you would still get great value with them. Some of our cheap used trucks even come with discounts and incentives.

Hauling and Towing

Our cheap used trucks are equipped to handle the most intense hauling and towing work that you could have. Most of them feature cargo beds with rust/corrosion-free bedliners; such cargo beds would not get damaged even if you would carry objects with sharp edges in these trucks. In addition, most of the cargo beds of our trucks feature heavy-set, strategically placed d-rings that would enable you, with the help of tie downs, to firmly secure cargo loads of different sizes. In addition, our trucks also come with large cargo beds of different sizes; there are those that feature cargo beds of up to 8 feet long. Therefore, if it is hauling capability that you need, rest assured that you would get it with our trucks. In addition, for towing work, many of our trucks also come equipped with trailer hitches that connect easily with trailers. Our heavy-duty trucks also feature transmissions that come with tow-haul modes. These tow-haul modes are designed to minimize gear hunting and hold the lower gears for lower for the production of more torque when needed e.g. when the truck is hauling/towing loads up a hill.

Off-road Capability

In addition, our cheap used trucks in Northeast Philadelphia are also excellent off-road machines. They all feature tough-as-nails body-on-frame constructions that can handle the bumps and shakes of off-road driving. They also feature heavy-duty suspension systems that offer excellent damping on the roughest trails. In addition, these trucks also feature high ground clearances and impressive approach, breakover and departure angles; therefore, they can climb over large obstacles and rocks on the road without much trouble. These trucks also feature heavy-duty 4WD drivetrains that enjoy better road grip. Our AWD trucks also come with limited-slip differentials that can be locked to deliver optimal torque to the front or rear wheels. This would give these trucks superior traction in extreme loose-surface situations; therefore, you would never get stuck with our 4WD trucks. We at Burlington Kia also have lifted trucks that tower above other vehicles on the road. Without a doubt, you would have a lot of fun driving our lifted trucks.

Trucks that You Can Count On

Each one of our cheap used trucks has passed through the hands of our capable ASE-certified auto mechanics. Our certified mechanics have taken time to thoroughly inspect then recondition the different components of these trucks that required reconditioning. New, original parts have replaced the old, worn out parts that these trucks had. Therefore, rest assured that these trucks will be able to handle the heavy workloads that you would have for them. Bodywork has also been done on these trucks, so they look great; nobody would think that you bought a used truck.

If you wish to apply for financing for these trucks, browse through our inventory and click on the ‘Get Pre-Qualified’ button that is next to the truck that you would want. Credit pre-qualification takes just a short while; the data would be sent to your email. Once you would get your credit pre-qualification, you would need to come to our dealership to close the deal.

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