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Cheap Used Trucks Moorestown

Buying a brand new vehicle such as an SUV or pickup truck simply is not an option for many people today as they do not have sufficient money in the banks. Just because people lack funds, it does not mean that they do not have the right to enjoy driving a nice vehicle. For pickup aficionados who want to drive a good truck in New Jersey, an ideal alternative to your financial woes is to get a cheap used truck in Moorestown. An even better alternative is to get one that is certified pre-owned from a trusted dealership like Kia Burlington. Getting a certified pre-owned truck in Moorestown certainly has its advantages. These are:

1. Burlington Kia offer certified pre-owned trucks as compared to ordinary used trucks.

Before placing a used truck for sale in their location, Burlington Kia puts all their vehicles under a comprehensive 150 point inspection where their service representative team of expert mechanics thoroughly inspects each of their trucks. This inspection process goes in accordance with the inspection guidelines of each truck’s original manufacturer. The entire process includes:

  • Interior Inspection
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Road Test
  • Maintenance

2. Burlington Kia offers manufacturer warranties with their used trucks.

As the trucks pass the 150 point inspection process under all their respective manufacturer inspection guidelines, Burlington Kia selects the best trucks out of that lot and places them on location to be sold to consumers. These used trucks come complete with original manufacturer warranties that include powertrain and bumper-to-bumper maintenance.

3. Burlington Kia Moorestown offers enhanced warranties.

Aside from providing manufacturer warranties to their trucks, Burlington Kia also offers enhanced warranties to specific trucks that have extra services such as OnStar and Sirius Satellite services. These services are not found on all used trucks as older models do not have this technology available. For those used trucks that have these tech features, Burlington Kia offers up to 30 free days trial period of these tech features. Other enhanced warranties offered by this dealership are roadside assistance as well as a 30 day period exchange privilege.

4. Burlington Kia provides users with a vehicular history of their used trucks.

When customers purchase a used truck from Burlington Kia , they receive an official vehicular history report that is certified. This certified report states if the truck has been in any previous accident or has undergone any modifications. In addition, the report also states the place of origin of the vehicle as well as any third-party history.

5. Burlington Kia offers brand new key fobs.

In the event that a customer loses his or her used truck’s key fob in the first 12 months of use, Burlington Kia offers a complimentary key fob replacement.

Burlington Kia is a well-known certified pre-owned vehicle provider in Moorestown. This dealership has created a good name for itself by offering their used certified pre-owned trucks with flexible rates where customers can pay low interest at long term financing. They also regularly satisfy their customers with the best service in town.

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