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Cheap Trucks Northeast Philadelphia

Yes, your SUV or minivan may have plenty of cargo space, but if you need to do regular heavy lifting, you should get a truck. Trucks are much better equipped for heavy cargo hauling than other types of vehicles. Their bodies are built upon reinforced steel frames that can handle that kind of work. You can get good quality cheap trucks in Northeast Philadelphia at Burlington Kia - the leading used truck dealer in the Northeast Philadelphia area. 

Trucks of Different Configurations

You can get cheap trucks of different sizes and configurations at Burlington Kia. You can get compact pickup trucks that you can use for both daily driving and some utility work around the home, midsize trucks that you can use to ferry loads and equipment for your business, and full-size trucks that you can use for extreme hauling/towing work like transporting 20,000-pound trailer-loads across states. Our trucks come in three main cab styles, namely regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab. Our regular cab trucks are ideal for people that just want work trucks. They are more affordable than the other cab styles, and they feature 2-door cabins that can carry 2 to 3 passengers. They also mostly feature the longest and largest cargo beds. Our Extended cab models feature larger four-door cabs with full-size front doors and small rear-hinged rear doors. They can carry between 4 and 6 passengers depending on the size of the truck. Our extended cab trucks also feature different cargo bed options. Our Crew cab trucks feature the largest and most comfortable cabins that accommodate up to 6 passengers. Their cabs feature full-size front and rear doors, and there is just as much space in their second rows as there is in their first rows. For this reason, people with families or large work crews prefer our crew cab trucks. Our Crew cab trucks also feature varying cargo bed sizes. Our trucks are of different recognized truck brands like the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, and GMC Sierra. You can browse through our online inventory to see the trucks that we currently have. If you miss the truck that you desire, you can come to our dealership and place an order for that truck. We would source the truck from our many partner dealerships in very little time.

Affordable Trucks

In addition, you should also know that our cheap trucks in Northeast Philadelphia are the best-priced trucks in Northeast Philadelphia. Go ahead and check the prices of our current online listings. In addition, from time to time, we at Burlington Kia also offer a number of our trucks with special discounts and incentives. These discounts make our trucks significantly cheaper, so for the best bargain, take advantage of our specials. You can see them here on our website under the ‘Specials’ tab. In addition, we at Burlington Kia have also partnered with established local lending institutions to offer affordable and flexible auto loans for our trucks. If you have a steady job or a secure source of income, you can apply for these auto loans. They are processed quickly, and they come with payment schedules of up to 7 years. They also come with low down payments and competitive interest rates.

Schedule a test drive in one of our cheap used trucks when you call us at 609-250-2166. You can also visit us at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016.

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