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Cheap AWD Vehicles Willingboro

One of the best places to go for cheap AWD vehicles in Willingboro is Burlington Kia. We at Burlington Kia are renowned for our advanced, pocket-friendly AWD vehicles that are powerful, durable and reliable. We have been selling cheap AWD vehicles for many years, and our customers in Willingboro have even written testimonials here on our website of the high quality of the AWD vehicles that they have acquired from us.

Benefits of AWD Vehicles

Unlike two-wheel-drive vehicles that are driven by either the front or the rear wheels, AWD vehicles are driven by all the wheels. Most AWD vehicles feature drivetrains that comprise of three differentials – one on each axle and one in the center. Power is sent from the engine to the center differential through the vehicle’s transmission. The center differential then distributes that power and torque to the front and rear axles. One advantage of AWD is that it delivers superior road grip. An AWD vehicle enjoys twice as much road grip as a 2WD vehicle of the same weight and tire type. This enhanced road grip results in better control and stability on the road. AWD vehicles are less likely to lose control when you make sharp maneuvers on the road; they also corner very confidently, even on slippery road surfaces. For this reason, AWD vehicles are great for people that live in snow or rainfall-prone areas. Another advantage that you get with AWD vehicles is better performance. Because of the fact that all four wheels propel the vehicle forward, AWD vehicles deliver better acceleration than 2WD vehicles. AWD vehicles can even accelerate through corners and on wet/snowy road surfaces on account of their enhanced road traction. Therefore, you would surely have a lot of fun with AWD vehicles. In addition, the cheap AWD vehicles in Willingboro are also great for towing. An AWD vehicle would have an easier time towing a large trailer up a hill or in bad weather than a 2WD vehicle because its wheel slippage would be minimal. Yet another advantage that AWD vehicles offer is higher resale values. Most times, people are willing to pay more for AWD vehicles, especially if those people reside in areas that have harsh winters. Therefore, if you would opt to buy our cheap AWD vehicles then sell at a later time, you would get back more of your initial investment.

Cheap AWD vehicles

You can get AWD vehicles for even less than $15,000 at Burlington Kia. You can see all of these AWD vehicles here in our online inventory. Many of these vehicles also come with manufacturer incentives and discounts, so you can pay even less for these vehicles. In addition, we at Burlington Kia have also set very affordable payment options for these AWD vehicles. One of these options is an auto loan. We have a large network of lenders that are known to set low down payments and offer very competitive interest rates, so you would never feel strained when paying off the auto loan. In addition, we at Burlington Kia also allow trade-ins, so if you have a used car that you are willing to let go off, bring it to us. The value of your used car will be deducted from that of the AWD vehicle that you want from us, and you will only have to pay the small balance that will be left over.

At Burlington Kia, you are sure to get the Kia Sportage AWD, Kia Sorento AWD, and several other AWD vehicles of other makes like the Ford Fusion AWD, the Subaru Legacy, the Audi A4, the Toyota Sienna AWD, and many more. Visit our dealership today at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016 to see them all. We can organize a test drive in any one of them.

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