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Cheap AWD Vehicles Northeast Philadelphia

When most people think of AWD vehicles, they think of high prices. However, you should know that you can now get cheap AWD vehicles in Northeast Philadelphia at Burlington Kia. We at Burlington Kia are not like other dealers; we believe in making our vehicles more affordable for our customers. To make our AWD vehicles more affordable, we have set pocket-friendly options that you can take advantage of. One of these options is trading in any used vehicle that you may have for one of our AWD vehicles. If you would trade in your used car, the current value of your used car would be deducted from the value of the AWD vehicle that you would want to purchase. You would only pay the balance in cash, and you would not have to pay it at a go. Therefore, this option would really be good for you if you do not have much money readily available. Another option that we offer is our auto loans. With our auto loans for these AWD vehicles, you would only need to give up to 20% of the value of the vehicle as a down payment. You would pay the rest in easy installments for periods of up to seven years. Undoubtedly, you would find such an option very convenient.

Advantages of Choosing Our Cheap AWD Vehicles

There are many advantages that our cheap AWD vehicles offer. One of them is a higher resale value. The value of the AWD drivetrains in AWD vehicles causes these vehicles to depreciate in value at a slower rate. Therefore, with an AWD vehicle, you would get back much more of what you had initially spent to buy it. Another advantage that AWD vehicles offer is improved on-road safety. In AWD vehicles, all the wheels are driven. This means that there is twice as much road grip with AWD vehicles that there is with 2WD vehicles. This additional road grip would make it possible for you to drive in the worst weather and not lose control; you would also be able to drive on slippery road surfaces with better control and stability. Yet another advantage that you would get with our AWD vehicles is better performance. AWD vehicles enjoy better acceleration because all the wheels are propelling the vehicle forward. AWD vehicles with torque vectoring also enjoy superior cornering control because their AWD systems vary the amount of torque that is sent to each wheel for the purpose of improving handling and traction. Yet another advantage that our AWD vehicles offer is off-road capability. These vehicles can take you to remote off-road locations that regular 2WD vehicles cannot. Thanks to their AWD systems, they would never get stuck in mud or sand. Therefore, you can regularly plan off-road weekend adventures when you have an AWD vehicle.

Wide Selection of Cheap AWD Vehicles

We at Burlington Kia have a wide selection of cheap AWD vehicles at our dealership. We have both new and used Kia AWD vehicles like the Kia Sportage AWD and the Kia Sorento AWD. You can also get used AWD vehicles of many other different brands e.g. Nissan, Chevrolet, Audi, Ford, and many more. Our used AWD vehicle inventory keeps changing, so keep checking our online listings to see the AWD vehicles that we would have on offer.

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