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Certified Pre-Owned SUV's Willingboro

SUVs are great to own. They are great for the family because they offer roomier interiors and also because some of them offer extra seating capacities, e.g. the Chevrolet Tahoe SUV can accommodate up to eight passengers. Therefore, large families can fit comfortably in such SUVs. SUVs are also great carrying large cargo items. They feature rear seats that can be folded down to create space for such large cargo. We at Burlington Kia have many SUVs on offer, and not just any SUVs – certified pre-owned SUVs. Our certified pre-owned SUVs in Willingboro look like new and offer excellent performance. They are also considerably cheaper than new SUVs, so you would not go wrong with them. Our certified pre-owned SUVs mainly comprise of certified Kia SUVs and certified Hyundai SUVs.

What Makes Our Certified Pre-Owned SUVs Special

You should opt for certified pre-owned SUVs instead of regular used SUVs because certified pre-owned SUVs are of superior quality. Regular used SUVs could be of any age and mileage, and they could have passed through the hands of several owners. However, with certified pre-owned SUVs, they specifically have to have low mileages of less than 60,000 miles; they also have to be SUVs that are less than five years old. This restriction means that most of our certified pre-owned SUVs have only passed through the hands of one owner. Therefore, they are unlikely to have had any significant damages. When selected, our certified pre-owned SUVs undergo a painstaking process of inspection that is done according to manufacturer specifications. Every aspect, part and component of these SUVs is checked in these inspections; even computerized diagnostic checks are used in these inspections. After the inspections, an equally detailed process of repairs and part replacements is done. The result of this entire process of refurbishment is certified pre-owned vehicles that closely compare to new SUVs in every aspect. Therefore, you would never regret acquiring our certified pre-owned SUVs.

The Advanced Safety of Our Certified Pre-owned SUVs

Our certified pre-owned SUVs are safer to drive than regular used SUVs because they feature the latest safety and security features on the market. These features include driver assistance technologies like a forward collision warning system that alerts you when the SUV is likely to collide with the vehicle in front, and a lane departure warning system that alerts you when the SUV starts to stray out of its lane. These SUVs also feature standard electronic stability control systems that are designed to help maintain directional control on slippery roads by reducing engine torque and by applying brakes to specific wheels at a time when wheel slippage, understeer, or oversteer are detected. Therefore, you can confidently drive these SUVs in the rain or snow.

The Potent Certified Pre-owned SUVs

In addition, the certified pre-owned SUVs that we have also offer impressive performance. They feature both naturally aspirated and turbocharged 4-cylinder/V6 engines that have Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology. GDI engines are designed to deliver more power while facilitating lower emissions; this means that you save on fuel money while experiencing thrilling bursts of power.

Come to Burlington Kia for a certified pre-owned SUV today. Our selection of Kia certified pre-owned SUVs is arguably the best in the entire Willingboro area. We are offering some of these SUVs with special discounts, so you stand a chance of saving a lot at Burlington Kia. We are located at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016.

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