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Certified Pre-Owned SUV's Northeast Philadelphia

Why buy new SUVs when you can buy certified pre-owned SUVs in Northeast Philadelphia at Burlington Kia? New SUVs cost an arm and a leg; because of that, many people are not able to afford them. Certified pre-owned SUVs, on the other hand, cost much less than new SUVs yet they offer just as much all-round quality as new SUVs. Therefore, it makes more sense to buy certified pre-owned SUVs.

Well-equipped Certified Pre-Owned SUVs

Our certified pre-owned SUVs are late models, so they come equipped with the latest convenience features. Some of these features include height-adjustable power driver’s seats that assure you of a more comfortable driving position, backup cameras that would give you a clear view of what is behind, Bluetooth connectivity that would allow you to make and receive calls hands-free, and dual-zone automatic climate control systems that give the driver and the front passenger the convenience of having two separate temperature settings. Our certified pre-owned SUVs also come equipped with the latest safety features on the market. These include vehicle stability control systems, automatic emergency braking systems, Traction Control systems, and driver alert systems like Blind-Spot Monitoring systems, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert systems, and Forward-Collision Warning systems. Therefore, rest assured that you would be quite comfortable and very safe in our certified pre-owned SUVs. In addition, our certified pre-owned SUVs also feature powerful engines that feature modern fuel saving technologies like direct injection, cylinder deactivation, idle stop, and brake regeneration in hybrid cars. Therefore, you would enjoy impressively high fuel economy ratings in these SUVs.

Awesome Benefits With Our Certified Pre-owned SUVs

Another thing that you would get with our certified pre-owned SUVs in Northeast Philadelphia is peace of mind in knowing that any certified pre-owned SUV that you would acquire is mechanically sound. All our certified pre-owned SUVs have undergone a very detailed process of refurbishment that involved a multi-point inspection and methodical reconditioning. All the different parts and components of these SUVs have been assessed, and the components that needed repair or replacement have been addressed. Therefore, these SUVs will not be breaking down any time soon. Another benefit that you would get with our certified pre-owned SUVs is extended warranties over these SUVs for varying periods. These warranties would relieve you of the cost of maintenance fees for as long as they would be in force. The manufacturers of these SUVs would be handling those costs. Another benefit that you would get is roadside assistance. This would give you the confidence to travel far and wide knowing that roadside assistance professionals would be able to come and rescue you in case you encountered any problem like if you got involved in an accident. Yet another advantage that you would get with these SUVs is lower financing rates. You would get lower interest rates if you took out an auto loan for one of our certified pre-owned SUVs. This would mean lower monthly installments.

You can see all the certified pre-owned SUVs that we have here on our website. They mainly comprise of Kia Sportage and Kia Sorento SUVs. You can request information about them or schedule a test drive in any one of them right here on our website. You can also visit Burlington Kia at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016.

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