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Certified Pre-Owned Kias Northeast Philadelphia

You cannot go wrong with Kia vehicles. They are among the best-priced vehicles in their different vehicle segments yet they are also among the best equipped vehicles out there. Therefore, you would get great value for your money with our Kia vehicles. There are many used Kia vehicles on the market, but you would be better off with the certified pre-owned Kias in Northeast Philadelphia at Burlington Kia.

Superior To The Rest

Certified pre-owned Kias are a class above regular used Kia vehicles in terms of overall quality. Regular used Kias vary in age and physical/mechanical condition, i.e. there are some regular used Kia vehicles that are in better shape than others. This is not so with our certified pre-owned Kias. We at Burlington Kia have a Kia certified pre-owned (CPO) program run by Kia USA. Only the best quality Kia vehicles are handpicked to be part of this program. They have to be Kia vehicles of less than five years, and they also have to have mileages of less than 60,000 miles. They also have to be Kia vehicles that have not been involved in any accidents or that have not had any serious damage. The Kia vehicles that are selected for our Kia CPO program then undergo a painstaking 200-point inspection process that ensures that every element and component of these vehicles is thoroughly checked. What follows is a refurbishment process that addresses all the problems that were noted in the inspection process. It is only when this entire process is completed that these Kia vehicles are certified. Therefore, our certified pre-owned Kias are way superior to regular used Kia vehicles; they actually compare closely to new Kia vehicles.

Benefits That Accompany Certified Pre-Owned Kias

One of the benefits that come with our certified pre-owned Kias in Northeast Philadelphia is extended warranty protection. The period of this warranty protection varies from vehicle to vehicle. The warranty entitles you to free vehicle maintenance for its entire duration; therefore, the cost of things like oil changes, tire rotations, and other mileage interval services would be taken off your shoulders for a while. Another benefit that you would get with these certified pre-owned Kias is a satisfaction guarantee, i.e. if you would be dissatisfied with the certified pre-owned Kia that you would have taken, we would allow you to bring it back and exchange it for another one. There is also the peace of mind that would come with knowing that your certified pre-owned Kia is in excellent mechanical condition.

You Can Finance Or Lease

If you do not have enough money to buy a certified pre-owned Kia, you can opt to either apply for financing or leasing. Financing a certified pre-owned Kia would be easy and affordable because our auto loans feature reasonably low down payments and lower-than-average interest rates. These lower interest rates mean that you would have more affordable monthly installments. Our auto loans also have flexible payment periods, so you can ask for a more convenient period for you. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of using a certified pre-owned Kia without necessarily owning it, you can lease it. Leasing would be much more affordable than financing. It would enable you to experience more-expensive vehicles that you would not be able to otherwise afford.

Click on 'Inventory' here on our website and browse through the current certified pre-owned Kias that we have. You can also visit Burlington Kia at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016.

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