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Certified Pre-Owned Hyundais Northeast Philadelphia

Hyundai cars have come a long way from the way they were in the 1990s. Hyundai vehicles now offer just as much holistic value as top-rated vehicle brands. They offer the latest safety technologies on the market, and they feature advanced yet fuel efficient powertrains that deliver incredible power. Modern Hyundai vehicles also offer great value in style and design; their exteriors and interiors are exquisite. If you want a Hyundai vehicle, come to Burlington Kia for one of our certified pre-owned Hyundais in Northeast Philadelphia.

You Are Better Off With Certified Pre-Owned Hyundais

If your resources are limited, then you would be better off with a certified pre-owned Hyundai than with a new Hyundai. This is firstly because certified pre-owned Hyundais are significantly cheaper than new Hyundais. Another reason why you should opt for certified pre-owned Hyundais is because of their higher resale values. New Hyundai vehicles depreciate in value by as much as 11% the moment you drive them out of the car dealership, and by as much as 25% after one year of ownership. Depreciation slows down from that point; by the second year, such vehicles may have depreciated by a further 13%, and by a further 11% after three years of ownership. Therefore, if you would want to sell your new Hyundai three years down the line, you would sell it for up to 49% less of what you had initially spent. Certified pre-owned Hyundais are aged between one and five years, so they would miss the major 1st-year dip in depreciation. Therefore, when the time would come to resell your certified pre-owned Hyundai, you would get back much more of what you had initially invested in purchasing the car.

Excellent Quality of Certified Pre-owned Hyundais

Only the best used Hyundai vehicles are chosen to be in our Hyundai’s certified pre-owned program. For example, they have to be late models, and they have to have mileages of less than 60,000 miles; our certified pre-owned Hyundais have also not been involved in any collisions or accidents. Therefore, you are assured of outstanding quality from these vehicles. Our certified pre-owned Hyundais have also been taken through a rigorous 150-point inspection process; all their components and parts have been checked and tested. These vehicles have also been comprehensively refurbished; their worn out parts have all been replaced with new ones. Therefore, our certified pre-owned Hyundais perform and function just as well as new Hyundais.

Added Advantages of Our Certified Pre-Owned Hyundais

In addition, our certified pre-owned Hyundais in Northeast Philadelphia also come with added advantages like extended warranties. These warranties vary in duration depending on the age of the vehicle. For the term of the warranty, you would not have to use your own money to do any significant maintenance service on the vehicle; Hyundai would take care of that. In addition, for the duration of the warranty, you would also get free 24-hour roadside assistance services. Therefore, when you would get a flat tire and not have a spare or when you would run out of gas, you would just need to contact Burlington Kia and they would send assistance to where you would be.

We at Burlington Kia have many certified pre-owned Hyundais at our dealership. Visit us today at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016 and test drive them.

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