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Certified Pre-Owned Cars Mt Laurel

What is the difference between buying a used car and buying a pre-owned vehicle that is certified as such? We will get to that, but first let’s talk about why you should consider buying used/pre-owned instead of new.

Buying a new car is great, don’t get us wrong, but buying used is a great option. Why is it a great option for you to hop on down to Burlington Kia and start looking at our certified pre-owned cars in Mt. Laurel? Here are just a few reasons to start considering:

  1. The biggest reason is that the pre-owned vehicle is just cheaper than buying new. In some cases, a car that is only a couple of years old can be costing you less than half what it would if you bought it new. That makes owning it and making the payments a lot easier each month. 
  2. Another great reason is that things like collision insurance and the taxes on the vehicle are lower because of the fact that it is used. Once again you are saving money by buying used. 
  3. Another great reason to buy pre-owned or used is that the biggest hit to the depreciation of the vehicle has already happened. The car will therefore retain its value longer for you, once again providing you with more money when you trade it in. 

Quite simply, buying used is just a great option when compared with buying new. If you want to buy new, that is fine too, but don’t let any worry about buying used keep you from a very rewarding experience.

Now, back to the difference between buying used and buying pre-owned. When you buy used, you are buying a vehicle as is. You are buying a vehicle that may have been maintained well, or may not have been maintained at all. You are buying the vehicle not knowing if it is going to last for 100,000 more miles or if it is going to break down on you after 10 miles. That is the risk you run when you buy used.

That is not the risk you run when you buy certified pre-owned from Burlington Kia. We pride ourselves on being certified with the pre-owned status because it means that what we are selling you is of the top quality. The certified pre-owned cars in Mt. Laurel are maintained and inspected to the highest degree. That way, you know when you buy that car and drive it off the lot, chances are it will drive for 100,000 or more miles without a major mechanical problem. In fact, we are so confident in our staff that we know when you come back to trade the used car in for a newer car, you will have gone the years without a major mechanical failure on the vehicle.

When you buy from Burlington Kia, you are buying quality and you are buying years of experience in maintaining cars so they run great for all of our customers. If you are thinking of getting a new car, think about checking out our certified pre-owned cars in Mt. Laurel.

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