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Certified Pre Owned Cars Cherry Hill

If you are looking for a used car, you need to know the difference between a used car and a certified pre-owned car. It may seem on the surface that the two types of cars are interchangeable and not much of a difference exists in the two phrases, right? After all, isn’t a used car just a used car. If a car has been owned before, doesn’t that make it a used car? In a way, that is right. A used car is a car that has been owned but there is a difference between a car that has been owned and then is being sold by the owner, and a car that is being sold by a dealership like Burlington Kia.

Burlington Kia prides itself on its certified pre-owned cars near Cherry Hill. We pride ourselves on those cars because those cars are being sold to the customers we care about. Burlington Kia wants our customers to be happy, because a happy customer is a repeat customer and the car business is a business where repeat customers are the bread and butter of everything.

So, going back to what we were talking about with certified pre-owned cars near Cherry Hill, what does it mean to be pre-owned and certified as such?

When a vehicle has been certified as pre-owned, that means that it has gone through a series of inspections and maintenance checks to ensure that it is going to be up to a certain code to be certified as such. As a consumer, if you have to choose between buying used from someone on CraigsList, or buying a certified pre-owned car, always choose the certified pre-owned car. This is because you are getting a guarantee that the car is not going to break down on you as soon as you leave the dealer lot. You are getting a vehicle that is going to last for you, like it was new. That is what is so great about certified pre-owned cars near Cherry Hill, they may be used and they may have a few miles on them, but they are not wrecks and they are not lemons that will break down after driving for a month. No, the vehicles you are getting from Burlington Kia are like new because we don’t let it sit on the lot until it reaches the point where it can seem new.

This is what certified pre-owned cars near Cherry Hill are all about. We are about getting you the vehicle that is going to run great for you, even though it has miles on it. Funny enough, the pre-owned cars near Cherry Hill may actually run better than that brand new car your friend bought a year or two ago. That is the kind of guarantee you get with Burlington Kia and their certified pre-owned cars near Cherry Hill.

Hop into one of our cars, and see for yourself the difference, and why we dominate in the pre-owned car market. Burlington Kia won’t let a car sit on our lot that is not meeting our strict guidelines, because we know how important that is to you and you are important to us.

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