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Bad Credit Car Loans Northeast Philadelphia

Most financial institutions do not take kindly to bad credit or low credit scores. This is why most such institutions are most times unwilling to give auto loans to people with bad credit. However, if you have bad credit, you should not let this put a damper on your ambitions to acquire the car of your dreams. Thanks to Burlington Kia, there is yet hope for you to achieve your goal of acquiring a good vehicle. Burlington Kia is offering bad credit car loans in Northeast Philadelphia. These auto loans are affordable and they come with great terms, so do not hesitate to try them.

Bad Credit Car Loans Made For Your Benefit

We at Burlington Kia understand and empathize with people with bad credit. We understand that nobody ever intentionally gets into bad credit; we also know that many times people get into bad credit because of financially crippling situations that are beyond their control like divorce, burglary, loss of property through fires, loss of a job, etc. This is why we at Burlington Kia have chosen to be of help to people with bad credit when it comes to auto loans. We accept you as you are, regardless of how bad your credit status is. In addition, our bad credit auto loans are unsecured, so we do not require you to provide any collateral when applying for these auto loans. We only require proof of employment or proof of income because that is what would give us an assurance of your ability to repay the auto loan that we would give you.

Get Your Dream Car With Our Bad Credit Car Loans

In addition, with our bad credit car loans in Northeast Philadelphia, you would not have to settle for less. Our bad credit auto loans give you the opportunity to acquire vehicles that you would not be able to otherwise afford. The fact that you are not required to pay the full amount for these vehicles at a go makes even those vehicles with hefty price tags quite attainable. Our bad credit auto loans require you to just pay low down payments of 10%-20% of the value of the vehicle to start with. The balances of the auto loans are to be paid slowly in monthly installments over payment periods of up to 7 years. In addition, our bad credit auto loans also come with very competitive interest rates. With such lengthy payment periods and reasonable interest rates, what you would be required to pay monthly would be very manageable. Therefore, you would never strain to repay our bad credit auto loans.

Great Discounts With Our Bad Credit Car Loans

In addition, because Burlington Kia is a licensed Kia dealer, you would also be able to enjoy special discounts, rebates, cash backs and incentives given by Kia USA on specific Kia vehicles. Such discounts and incentives would make these auto loans considerably cheaper. You can see all our current special offer vehicles when you click on ‘specials’.

How To Apply For Our Bad Credit Car Loans

If you want to apply for our bad credit car loans in Northeast Philadelphia, you can do so right here on our website. First browse through our inventory to identify the vehicle that you want, and then click on the ‘Get Prequalified’ button right next to that vehicle listing. An auto loan application form will load that you will need to fill. After submitting the form, you will be credit pre-approved; the credit pre-approval data will be sent to you. You will then be required to come to our dealership with that credit approval data and your down payment to close the deal and take the vehicle you had chosen.

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