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AWD Vehicles in Willingboro

You should try the AWD vehicles in Willingboro at Burlington Kia. In this day and age when there are more vehicles on the roads than ever before, you cannot be too safe on the road. More and more people, especially those with families, are making the choice to buy vehicles that do a better job of helping them to stay safe on the road, and you should do the same with the AWD vehicles at Burlington Kia. AWD vehicles are safer-to-drive because they enjoy enhanced road traction. In AWD vehicles, all the wheels receive power from the engine, so all four wheels drive the vehicle. The resultant enhanced road traction results in better stability and control; you are less likely to lose control with such a vehicle when you make steering mistakes or when you are forced to suddenly swerve to avoid a pothole or an approaching vehicle. In addition, the improved road traction that AWD vehicles offer also considerably helps when driving in bad weather; you would be able to drive in heavy snow or rainfall without fear of sliding.

AWD Vehicles Are Ready For Adventure

In addition to offering superior on-road safety, AWD vehicles can also be used on different types of roads. Front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive vehicles can only take you so far when you go off the pavement because they are driven by only two wheels. Therefore, if those two wheels get caught up in mud, it would be difficult to get the vehicle out of that situation. With AWD vehicles, however, you would not have to worry about that. If two wheels lose traction, the other two can still propel the vehicle out of the sticky situation. This is especially so because the all-wheel-drive systems in most AWD vehicles are designed to shift most of the engine torque to the axle that has the best traction when there is wheel slippage. Therefore, you can go much further on off-road trails with AWD vehicles.   

Enjoy Better Performance with AWD vehicles

You also get enhanced performance with AWD vehicles in Willingboro. Because AWD vehicles are propelled forward by all four wheels, they enjoy better acceleration than rear-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive vehicles, especially on slippery or loose-traction roads. Therefore, you will get more thrills with these vehicles. In addition, there are AWD vehicles that feature torque vectoring. Torque vectoring technology enables all-wheel-drive systems to vary the amount of torque that goes to each wheel. Therefore, with such vehicles, the AWD system can send more power to the outer front wheel when it senses that you want to make a turn to facilitate improved cornering stability. This enables such vehicles to accelerate through turns.

AWD Vehicles Have Higher Resale Values

Another advantage of acquiring an AWD vehicle is that you would get a better resale value for it when the time would come for you to sell it to upgrade to a better vehicle. AWD vehicles are also easy to sell off because people like them and would acquire them even if they are old models.

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