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AWD Vehicles in Northeast Philadelphia

You would never go wrong with AWD vehicles. They are safer to drive and they have better resale value than regular 2WD vehicles. They also offer better performance. You can get high quality AWD Vehicles in Northeast Philadelphia at Burlington Kia. We at Burlington Kia are renowned for our exceptional Kia AWD vehicles that come with very affordable prices. In the last few years, we have served many customers in Northeast Philadelphia with AWD vehicles, and all our customers have been satisfied with our vehicles.

AWD Vehicles Are Safer

AWD vehicles are unique to 2WD vehicles in the fact that unlike 2WD vehicles that are driven by either the front or rear wheels, AWD vehicles are driven by all four wheels. They feature AWD drivetrains that disburse power and torque simultaneously to both the front and the rear axles. One of the benefits of AWD drivetrains is excellent traction. AWD vehicles always have a firm grip of the road, even in bad weather. This is because even when one or two wheels lose traction for some reason, the other wheels are still able to propel the vehicle forward. The more recent AWD systems are very effective in delivering superior traction. They are computerized, and they come with sensors that monitor wheel movements; when these systems detect wheel slip, understeer or oversteer, they automatically send more power and torque to the wheels that have better road grip. Therefore, you are unlikely to lose control in rain or snow or get stuck in mud while driving an AWD vehicle.

AWD Vehicles Are a Lot More Fun To Drive

Another benefit that comes with AWD vehicles is superior acceleration. Because the traction needs are distributed among all four tires, AWD vehicles tend to accelerate faster than 2WD vehicles. This is especially so when driving on loose or slippery road surfaces. In addition, there are advanced AWD systems that also come with torque vectoring. Torque Vectoring is when torque is varied to each wheel depending on driving conditions. When cornering, AWD systems with torque vectoring can reduce torque on the inner front wheel and increase torque on the outer front wheel. This results in superior stability and control when cornering, even at high speeds.

Different Types Of AWD Vehicles

At Burlington Kia, we have a wide selection of AWD vehicles from which you can choose. We have both new and used AWD Vehicles in Northeast Philadelphia. Our new AWD vehicles are primarily Kia vehicles because we are a Kia dealership. They comprise of new Kia Sportage AWD SUVs and new Kia Sorento SUVs. Our used AWD vehicles, on the other hand, are of many other makes, and they come as certified pre-owned AWD vehicles or regular used AWD vehicles. You can get used AWD sedans like a used Ford Fusion AWD, a used Subaru Legacy, or a used Audi A4, used AWD minivans like a used Toyota Sienna AWD, and used AWD SUVs like a used Kia Sportage AWD, a Kia Sorento AWD, or a used Chevrolet Equinox AWD. Therefore, you can get any AWD vehicle that you would want at Burlington Kia.

If you are not sure about which AWD vehicle you should buy, come to Burlington Kia at 4428 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016. Our staffs know all the features and capabilities of our AWD vehicles, so they will advise you on the best AWD vehicle for you depending on your needs and preferences.

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