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AWD SUVs in Willingboro

You can get all the AWD SUVs in Willingboro that you would want at Burlington Kia. FWD or RWD SUVs are okay, but AWD SUVs are better because they are safer, more stable on the road, and more rewarding to drive.

Our AWD SUVs Are More Rewarding to Drive

AWD stands for all-wheel drive. This means that the power is sent to all the wheels, so all the wheels propel the SUV forward. The result of this is enhanced road grip, even on slippery road surfaces. Therefore, AWD SUVs are sure to do better than FWD or RWD SUVs in heavy rainfall or when there is a lot of snow on the road. In addition, enhanced road grip also results in more composed and stable rides that give you more confidence on the road. Thanks to this extra on-road confidence, you will find yourself pushing the vehicle more and making more daring driving moves than you would ever dare to do with front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive SUVs. Yet another advantage that you get with AWD SUVs is better acceleration. Since all the four wheels put power down on the road, the SUV gains speed more rapidly under full power with little to no wheel slippage. This is why AWD vehicles are many times used in racing competitions. Therefore, with AWD SUVs you are assured of more rewarding driving experiences.

Our AWD SUVs Are Powerful and Capable

Our AWD SUVs offer all the above and much more. They are all powerful, featuring an intriguing array of naturally aspirated and turbocharged 4-cylinder, V6 and V8 gasoline engines, so you are sure to have a lot of fun with these AWD SUVs. These AWD SUVs also offer roomy interiors that are comfortable and versatile. 60/40 split-folding rear seats are also standard in all these SUVs, so when you will need additional space for large cargo, you will just need to fold down your rear seats. In addition, our AWD SUVs are also great for off-road driving. Most of them stand taller than regular FWD or RWD SUVs, so they are able to climb over larger rocks and drive over potholes and depressions on the road. In addition, the AWD drivetrains in these AWD SUVs have been designed to send more power and torque to the axle that has better traction at any given time. This feature helps AWD SUVs to get out of almost any sticky situation. Another advantage that you get with our AWD SUVs is improved towing capability on slippery road surfaces. AWD SUVs tow much better than FWD or RWD SUVs on wet/snowy roads or off-road trails because of the enhanced road grip; they are less likely to have wheel slippage or to get stuck.

Because we are a Kia dealership, a good number of our AWD SUVs in Willingboro are Kia SUVs i.e. the Kia Sportage AWD and the Kia Sorento AWD SUVs. However, we also have a wide selection of AWD SUVs that are of other makes like the MINI Countryman AWD, the Nissan Rogue AWD, the GMC Terrain AWD, the Honda CR-V AWD, and many more. Our used AWD SUVs stocks keep changing so keep checking our online inventory to see the ones that currently have. We at Burlington Kia keep updating our inventory listings, so our online inventory reflects what we have at our dealership. You can also call us at 609-250-2166 if you have any questions.

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