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AWD SUVs in Northeast Philadelphia

Being able to acquire an SUV is always a plus because SUVs offer superior seating and hauling versatility, better towing capability, better off-road capability, and most times, more horsepower than cars. However, for the best value, you should go for AWD SUVs in Northeast Philadelphia. With AWD SUVs, you would benefit from having all four wheels being propelled at the same time. You can get excellent AWD SUVs at Burlington Kia. Burlington Kia is the top rated Kia dealer in the Burlington, Philadelphia, Trenton, Cherry Hill, and Evesham areas.

Differences Between 2WD SUVs and AWD SUVs

Unlike 2WD vehicles that mostly feature just one differential at the back, most AWD SUVs feature three differentials: one differential on each of the axles, and a center differential. In these AWD SUVs, the engine sends power to the center differential, which then sends power simultaneously to the front and rear differentials to propel the front and the rear wheels. There are also AWD SUVs that feature Automatic All-Wheel-Drive systems. These AWD systems do not feature a center differential; instead, they feature a transaxle that sends power one of the axles while a drive shaft directs power to the differential on the other axle.


One of the advantages that AWD SUVs have over 2WD SUVs is better acceleration. With AWD SUVs, all four-wheels are putting power down on the road to propel the vehicle forward. This is an assurance of a quicker increase in velocity. Another advantage that AWD SUVs offer is better stability. Because the power is distributed between the two axles, there is less wheel-spin, understeer or oversteer. Cornering is also more controlled. Yet another advantage that AWD SUVs offer is better road grip on slippery roads. The AWD systems of these SUVs cause their wheels to grip the road more, and because of this, AWD SUVs perform much better on wet/snowy roads or in bad weather; you are less likely to lose control in an AWD SUV than in a 2WD SUV. The superior road grip of AWD SUVs also gives them superior off-road capability.

Better Resale Value

In addition, because of their added benefits, AWD SUVs tend to depreciate in value much slower than regular SUVs. Therefore, if you would purchase an AWD SUV and resell it some years down the road, you would recoup more of what you had initially spent on the SUV.

High Quality Kia AWD SUVs

Kia AWD SUVs are among the best AWD SUVs on the market. They comprise of the Kia Sportage AWD and the Kia Sorento AWD. The Kia AWD SUVs feature advanced Dynamax Full-Time AWD systems that use electronic sensors to monitor prevailing road conditions and disburse power to the appropriate wheels; thus, they do an excellent job of helping to improve traction and control. Kia AWD SUVs are also powerful, fuel-efficient, and versatile. We at Burlington Kia also have AWD SUVs of other makes like Chevrolet, Nissan, GMC, Ford, Cadillac, BMW, and many more. To see our current new and used AWD SUV offerings, go to our inventory here on our website. Our new AWD SUVs are affordable, and our used AWD SUVs are very reasonably priced.

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