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2019 Cadenza in Moorestown

Offering almost all the trappings of a luxury vehicle, the 2019 Cadenza in Moorestown is a reliable and durable full-size sedan. Purchase the car from Burlington Kia today and avail amazing deals.

The Kia Cadenza is a beautiful midsize sedan that perfectly packages the best elements from its luxury-four-door k900 and compact Kia Soul. Also popularly known as the Kia K7, the car perfectly combines the practicality of a compact car with reliability of a large-size sedan– offering exceptional fuel-efficiency, durability and performance into one expectation-defying package. Equipped with a range of advanced active safety technologies, the 2019 Cadenza in Moorestown also provides drivers and passengers a proactive and equal layer of defense in circumstances of an accident or collision.

An Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps keeping you protected and on course during emergency maneuvers by controlling the brakes and engine of the car while driving. A Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) intervenes whenever appropriate to help drivers regain control of their vehicle, adding better steering direction control. A lane-departure warning system helps drivers who are inattentive or drowsy while driving and prevents them for moving to another lane by chiming loudly.

Other safety features include eight standard airbags, including full-length side curtain bags and front/rear seat mounted side bags. New LED lights have been installed for added visibility during nighttime driving, dual-integrated exhaust pipes for boosting overall appearance, and power folding mirrors for added convenience while driving. The adaptive cruise control is offered with four following distances that will slow the car to a stop if there is traffic sensed ahead.

Drivers even benefit from a standard rearview camera and parking sensors, which makes it easier for parking into tight spots or while reverse parking. If you need something more useful for parking the 2019 Cadenza in Moorestown, you even have available surround-view cameras that further make it easier to drive. A new technology package even offers cruise control and lane-departure warning. The body of the sedan is now reinforced with extensive amounts of high-strength steel.

This enables the vehicle to absorb impacts and protect the driver and passengers inside. For further protection, the midsize sedan is equipped with eight advanced safety airbags, which include full-length side-curtain, dual front, and front and rear seat-mounted side air bags. Apart from offering exceptional safety, the mid-size sedan also offers an advanced powertrain that delivers dynamic performance and outstanding dependability.

Powered by a dependable, lightweight, and fuel-efficient V6 engine, the 2019 Cadenza in Moorestown generates an impressive 293 horsepower. Controlling this power is an upgraded six-speed transmission from Sportmatic that enables you to choose between clutch-free manual shifting with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters and a simple automatic mode. Feel free to visit Burlington Kia if you plan to purchase the vehicle. Contact Burlington Kia at 609-250-2166 or fill out the form below and we will contact you. You can drop by our store for a chat with our customer representatives, or even take the Cadenza out for a test drive.

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